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The displays surround us everywhere: indoors and outdoors. Each application needs a special design, housing, and unique technical solution. Often the display should be protected by glass due to its application field.

Different display technologies can be bonded, TFT, OLED or e-Paper displays. As well as various materials can be used for the cover lens: glass, acryl.

In the case of using reflective technologies, the integration of the front light can be required. This is possible by including a light guide foil and LED bar behind the cover glass.

The touch function of the display is a common feature nowadays. Touch sensor can be laminated and protected by a cover lens with different glass thicknesses, depending on the application and security level.

Determined by the needs the components can be laminated with an air gap or optically according to dry or liquid technology of bonding (OCA and OCR). The components can be laminated in several layers, and include various foils to provide view protection, antireflection or UV filter.

Each application is unique and requests special features to be realized: touch buttons, a printed logo, an exactly defined touch area, and treatments for glass. The combination of customized touch solution and cover glass makes it possible to realize the most ambitious ideas.

Following customizations of cover lens glass can be offered:

  • Thickness can start from 0.55mm and be above 10mm. It depends on the application and protection requirements. Also, it is important to check if using touch controllers can support chosen cover glass thickness
  • Safety of the glass can be realized in two most common ways: chemically strengthening and thermally tempering. The main goal of the technologies is to increase strength and make the glass safe after it gets broken (e.g. it crumbles into smaller granular chunks).
  • Silk screen printing with any color in RAL. The combinations of colors are possible as well. Indicator icons, buttons, logos, camera, and sensor holes can be masked and if required separately colored.
  • Cover lenses can be designed in irregular shapes, with slots or holes, flat or in 3D-form
  • Special materials for cover lenses can be offered. Gorilla Glass is often used for touch applications because of its scratch resistance and durability. As an alternative, acrylic glass or plexiglass can be chosen. This material is very light and easier for handling, making holes, and cutting off.
  • By choosing the right surface treatments for the application, anti-reflection, anti-glare, anti-fingerprint, anti-bacterial, UV protection filter, etc., it is possible to optimize the optical and functional characteristics of the display.

The capacitive or resistive touches are available with corresponding controllers for USB and SPI interfaces. Single touch or multitouch with 10 fingers, for indoor and outdoor applications are available. Other special functions can be offered, such as glove support, rain and salt water recognition, and hover gestures.

Possible sizes and special features of touch sensors and cover glasses can be checked with your Beck’s assistant.

The variety of displays set the task to offer matching driving solutions for each module, if it is LVDS or eDP display. Having a whole product range of standard boards to manage the displays, there are always some functions beyond to implement.

According to the customer’s wishes the boards are designed on the base of Realtek ICs and can support the communication interfaces RGBDVIHDMIDP. The boards generate the backlight management signals, can include I2C bus for special extensions like ambient light sensor or can support audio channel.

Otherwise, the development of solutions beyond the typical driving of the display is possible: LED driver circuit, LVDS splitter, boost converter, OSD board.

The design can be developed with a focus on any critical parameter: low-cost solution, special form factor, matching for several different displays, extended input voltage range, or strict EMV conditions.

The design team in-house works in cooperation with the customers on each stage of the development, confirming the important steps and giving feedback on the state of the project.

Open frame displays with its in-house developments under its own brand BECK Compact Module (BCM) and production in Germany exist in Beck since 2004.

Suppliers of kiosk systems, machine controls and similar industrial electronics goods often struggle with short product life cycles and frequent model changes for display units. To counteract this, BECK has set itself the goal of consistently following its product philosophy and offering its open frame displays with consistent mechanical and electrical specifications over as long a period as possible. It affects the customized BCM products as well.

Due to changes in the market, the BCM modules are continuously developing. The RGB/DVI solutions are extended by the HDMI and DP interfaces. The resistive and capacitive touch controllers support USB communication. Following the customers' demand a big part of the standard products has got wide viewing angles and high brightness features.

Taking into account all implemented changes the main mechanical and electrical specifications stay stable according to the main product line idea. It facilitates the integration and replacement of the BCM modules over the whole product lifetime and in case of changes or upgrades on the customer’s side.

Due to its in-house know-how, BECK is able to flexibly respond to special requests or customer specific solutions.

Each product, which arrived to the customer stays our responsibility. We keep in touch in case of any questions, difficulties, or problems. The technical support team is involved in the claim procedure, if it is solved on our side or the producer’s support is requested.

The change or replacement of the part by its successor will be shared with the customers. New road maps for the whole product range are available for the customers and newsletters with last updates come timely to your email box.

In frames of participation in the exhibitions, Beck organizes personal meetings with customers and producers to discuss running projects and facilitate the information flow. Personal meetings on the Beck’s side in Nuremberg take place on demand as well. The company Beck values personal and professional relationships to our mutual business goals.

In case of a claim please fill in the form and we will take care of your problem. If you have any questions about the product range, need advice or any technical support, please do not hesitate to contact your contact person at Beck or just fill in the contact form.